How I brought in 240+ leads into my challenge through Facebook Ads, and how you can too. Let me show you...

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  • Exactly how I brought in 240+ leads into my recent launch
  • My Facebook Ads strategy Dos and Don'ts
  • How to write captivating ad copy that gets people to BUY
  • ​Automated Follow-up to increase engagement by 50% or more
  • The 2 minor tweaks that made all the difference in my ads
  • How to turn 2 ads into 20 in seconds
  • A/B Split Testing
  • How to add MORE leads with organic content

Meet Your Host, Jillian Kendrick

Jillian is a Sales and Marketing Automation expert. 
She's the Founder of the Mama Entrepreneur Success Society (the MESS) because as we know being an entrepreneur and a mama can get a little messy. 

She owns an agency, Informed Marketing Solutions. 

She is the creator of The Momentum Method to teach small business how to automate their business.

 Find me on social @automatedmama

Guest Expert, Eric Saar

Eric Saar is the owner of Slingshot Media Consulting and started the business to help entrepreneurs solve the paid Facebook ads problem of lead generation forever for less money, while eliminating the stress. Eric and his team has worked as a subcontractor of Facebook, has been trained by Facebook and helped teach marketing on Facebook to more than 1200 clients (including more than 500 marketing agencies) and strategized more than $100 million in Facebook ad spend. There isn’t a question we haven’t heard and answered hundreds of times already.


The Training Recordings
Access to my recorded class where I walk you step-by-step through
the entire launch process, how I did it, what I did right, what I would
change in the future, and how you can take everything I did and copy
it for yourself.

5 sets of copy + paste ads copy
If you dread writing copy, if you've been putting off launching because
you don't know what to say, how to say it, or what ad will be the most
effective, I'll give you my ads copy and you can use it exactly as-is or 
you can re-write them for yourself.

Over 15 email templates
A big part of your launch will be the campaign you run. So you'll need
tons of emails, follow-up, pre- and post-event or post-purchase emails
and more. If you don't want to write ALL of these emails individually,
just grab my email templates, copy them, use them, and it will get 
you to launch faster, easier, and simpler than ever before.

My list of must-have Ad creative
The reality in business is you don't know what you don't know. The
same goes for technology, your funnels, and your next launch! If
you want to take the guess work out of Facebook Ads, you'll need
my Ads creative list. This tells you EXACTLY what images you
need to create to run with your Facebook ads, how to create them, 
where to start, and which ad will be the best bang for your buck!
Use my templates as-is or rewrite them for yourself.

I'm absolutely sure you're going to LOVE The Momentum Launch Formula that I'm giving a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't absolutely love this training or if you don't take away at least 1 nugget of new information, I'll refund you 100% of your investment. I might ask a question or two about how I can make it better, but I promise you'll get your money back.
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DISCLAIMER: The strategy, technology, and trainings I teach on can make you successful without prior experience or expertise in marketing, sales, and technology; this is not an employment opportunity, everyone enters at their own risk, and you must take action after our call to reap any of the benefits I teach. I only share what has worked for me and my students. Simply signing up for the call will not guarantee you results, you must act on what you learn and implement it for yourself to see results. Your results are entirely dependent on your hard work, attitude, professionalism, your responsibility, and your implementation. I do not guarantee any results and I encourage you not to sign up if you are unwilling to work hard and implement when you've learned after our call together.
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